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  • 品牌:LSI
  • 型号:MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i
  • 性能:MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i
产品优势: Unmatched RAID Performance for Next-Generation Servers and Storage
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Unmatched RAID Performance for Next-Generation Servers and Storage 
The explosive growth of data in cloud and enterprise datacenters is driving the need for a 
higher performance storage interface to speed the ability of critical applications to access data. 
LSI first-to-market 12Gb/s SAS solutions are designed to deliver the performance and data 
protection capabilities required for the most demanding next-generation server and storage 
platforms. Offering up to double the data transfer rate of 6Gb/s SAS solutions, 12Gb/s SAS 
allows the SAS infrastructure to deliver bandwidth that can fully utilize that of PCI Express®
with a single controller card. The MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i, with eight internal ports, delivers two 
1.2GHz PowerPC®
 processor cores and a 72-bit DDRIII interface that drives 1GB cache memory. 
Powered by the LSISAS3108 dual-core ROC, the 9361-8i controller includes the latest PCI 
Express 3.0 and 12Gb/s SAS technology and helps users to support increased scaling of hard 
disk drives (HDDs) and maximize the performance benefits of solid state drives (SSDs).
Enterprise Data Protection 
Standard support for the most popular RAID levels and accessories, including RAID 5, RAID 6, 
and CacheVault®
 Flash cache protection module, further strengthen the data protection 
capabilities of the MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i. A new enterprise feature employed by the 12Gb/s 
MegaRAID SAS controllers is advanced drive diagnostic technology. In the event of a physical 
drive failure, the drive is placed in shield state and the MegaRAID controller starts drive 
diagnostics to determine if the drive is indeed failed or can be restored. This saves customers 
time, money and lost compute time associated with transient drive failures and unnecessary 
drive returns. 
Support for Advanced Software Options 
The LSI family of 12Gb/s MegaRAID controllers are designed to support LSI advanced software 
options that provide system integrators and VARs with enhanced performance and data 
protection capabilities. These software options help enable end users to address key business 
challenges while helping to deliver a higher return on their IT investments. MegaRAID 
 Pro 2.0 software (optional) and MegaRAID Fast Path software (included) boost 
transactional I/O performance of solid state disk configurations, while SafeStore™
enables enhanced data protection and security when used with encryption capable devices.